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Barron trump

Barron trump is the son of Us president Donald trump and first lady Melina trump. He was born on New York on march 20, 2006. Eric is theyoungest child of Donald trump who is residing with him in the white house. He is German and Scottish descent on his father side and Slovenian descent on mother side.

Full nameBarron William trump
Date of birthMarch 20, 2006 (age 14) Manhattan, Ney York, united states
EducationColombia grammar & preparatory school (2017), St. Andrew’s Episcopal school
ParentsFather (Donald trump) Mother (Melania trump)
Birth placeNew York
Zodiac signUnknown
SiblingsDonald Jr, Ivanka trump, Eric trump, Tiffany trump

In present time he lives with in a white house with his father and mother. Barron is fluent in English and Slovene. He is now attending St. Andrew’s episcopal school in Potomac, Maryland. He is noted to be the fan of soccer. He also appeared the arsenal jersey and met the D.C. united players.

Early days

Barron was born on march 20, 2006 in New York. He is the youngest sonand only now residing with trump in white house. Barron has grown on trump tower in his early days where he has an entire floor to himself in trump tower. In an interview with Melania she revealed that Barron really likes plane and chopper.

Melania herself cooked his breakfast and prepared his launches. She believes in encouraging creativity of his son. She said that “if he draws on the walls in his playroom, then there’s no problem we can Repaint it over”.

During his early childhood he made several television appearances including “the apprentice” and “the Oprah Winfrey show”. he was baptized at the episcopal church of Bethesda in palm beach, Florida. Barron did not move to white house immediately when his father became president but remained at the trump tower with his mother until the end of his school year.

Barron haven’t made much public appearances. He made total of three public appearances. The very first appearances he made during the campaign rally in South Carolina and the second appearances attending his father RNC acceptance speech. The third appearances in his father presidential victory speech.

Life at white house

Barron is the first son of a president to reside in the white house since 1963. Although he does not make his appearances in public for the most part. His nickname is “little Donald”. In a parenting meeting with Melania trump she told that “Although he is the mixture of both of us, but his personalities are why I call him little Donald”.

She also noted that Barron has spent a lot quality time with his father in palm beach in Florida where we spent most quality time with family. Barron is already famous in both English and Slovene. She also stated that now he is learning French language.

While every president’s child over the 35 years has went to Sidwell but the Whitehouse confirmed that Barron is attending St. Andrew’s in Potomac, Maryland. He is the first president children to do so.

Skills and interest

In November 2018 at the forum of liberty university. Melania shared some few details about her family in the white house. She stated that Barron is really interested in into football and sports. He is not into social media and I believe in making him creative. Thanks to his mother as she hails from Slovenia and father from US he has knowledge in both the language Slovene and English.

During his holiday and vacation, he plays golf with his father in palm beach Florida. his mother also stated that he likes plane and chopper very much. Though he is long way off from joining in real estate business but Barron also like to build city and airports using magna and Legos as he has his own atheistic.


He is the youngest child of Donald trump Barron was born on march 2006. Barron has four siblings Donald junior, Ivanka, Eric and Tiffany trump. From trump marriage to Marla maples he has 6 nephews– James Kushner, Donald trump III, Joshep Fedrick Kushner, Tristan milos trump, spencer Fedrick trump and Eric Luke trump. He has three nieces Chloe Sophia trump, Arbella rose Kushner and kai Madison trump, she is just one-year junior than Barron.


He always stays out of spot life from politics and public. Eric has made very public appearances with his parents. He studies in Andrew’s episcopal school in Maryland New York. During his holiday or some of the white house events in 2017, including the annual “Easter Egg Roll” in April, where he joined his parents in signing cards for the member of American armed forces.

He also joins his father pardoning of the turkeys before thanksgiving. In 2016 he appeared in campaign rally in South Carolina. During his early childhood he made several television appearances which include the “Apprentice” on May 16 2006, episodes of “The Oprah Winfrey show”.


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