Can Donald Trump Deploy USA Army in America after Floyd Protests.


Protests are happening in America at the moment. After the death of George Flood, a black citizen, these protests have become violent in many places. Even the protesters had reached in front of the White House in Washington DC. Now the US President Donald Trump is saying that if the state and city administration are not able to control the violence, then they will send the army. But can they do this ? Because the governors of some states are saying that the central government does not have the power to send troops without the permission of the state.

In some circumstances, the President can do this. At present, soldiers of the US Army Reserve Force National Guard are stationed at many places in America. Soldiers are present in more than 20 states and for this the state government and city administration had requested the central government. In the 19th century, a law was passed in the United States and it is written that in which cases the Central Government may or may not want permission from the States.

If the President decides that the current state of the state is not able to enforce the law of the country, or the rights of citizens are being taken away, then in such cases the permission of the governors of the same states is not required. It was formed in 1807, during which violence with Native Americans was later allowed to use the law to stop the violence inside it and to protect civil rights.

At present, the President has a legal reason for deploying the army and there is no need to take the permission of the Governor, although this law has been used in the past, this act has been used many times in the history of America.


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