Donald Trump: Is He True Leader ?


One of the first things that we hear about in the news is the statements of Donald Trump. But who is he? Does he really have the qualities of a true leader or will he soon be found to be in the same category as all the others who lack leadership skills?

Well, during his early days of public life, Donald Trump appeared to have lots of qualities that fit the description of a true leader. He was able to appeal to a large group of people and get them to believe him because he was able to present himself as a winner.

That’s not all. He has even made it clear that he views himself as the rightful ruler of the United States. He has also demonstrated the ability to look beyond himself and do what is best for the country he represents.

Many of us have come to know about what those qualities are by studying what he says and does, but we have yet to discover the complete truth about the man. This question can only be answered by other people who have read his books and visited with him. We know this for certain because those who have gotten to know Donald Trump well are some of the most vocal critics of his every action. They have questioned everything he has done and continue to do.

Are these people right in their assessments of Donald Trump? Do we really need another false leader, one who thinks that he is a True Leader and whom we can trust in our business? Is this person in fact a True Leader?

I don’t think so. And I’m sure that he knows it too. When you take a look at the bigger picture of our nation, what you see is a real Leader and not just someone who is willing to throw away our national security in order to benefit his own personal interest.

As a Leader, if you truly think that we need another one, you should re-think your opinion of Donald Trump. One thing is for sure, the people that will follow him will not be looking out for our best interests, but their own. And that is exactly what we need more of in our leaders.

Please consider all this and think on it before you give the nation another False Leader. Think on it.


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