Donald Trump Made a Statement to the press about Restoring “law and order” in the wake of the White House Protests


My fellow Americans my first and highest

Duty as president is our greatest defense

The country and the American people.

 took the oath

An oath to uphold the law of our nation

And that’s all I will do

Americans were properly ill and

Rebellion by George’s brutal death.

My administration Floyd

Committed to George and his family

Justice does not have to be served

Died in vain, but we cannot allow

Honest cries and peaceful protesters

Drowned by an angry mob

Is the biggest victim of storms

Peace loving citizens in our poor

Communities and I as their president

Will fight to keep them safe Fight for your safety.

I am the president of your law and order and

Allies of all peaceful opponents but

Our nation has been in the present day

Catch up by professional chaos

Violent mobs set fire to looting criminals

Riders and Tifa and a number of others

State and local governments have failed.

Take necessary steps for safety

Their inhabitants are innocent people

Was brutally beaten like a young man.

The deceased was left in Dallas Texas

Street or female upstate new

York attacked by evil way dangerous

Small business owners have seen

Their dreams.

Complete destruction near the best of New York

The bricks have been hit in the face with the brave

There are nurses fighting the virus.

He is afraid of leaving the police at his home

Has been surpassed here in the East

Lincoln Memorial, the capital of the country

And World War II has been a monument

Sabotaged in one of our most historic historical

Churches were burned.

A federal official in California a

Were the heroes of the African-American execution

Shooting and murder are not these acts

These are acts of peaceful protest.

Destruction of local terror

Innocent life and bursting

Innocent blood is a crime for humanity

And crime against God.

America needs creation, not destruction

Cooperation is not a security insult

Chaos does not cure justice

Chaos This is our mission and we will


100% we will always succeed in our country.

That’s why I’m taking the win immediately

Presidential action to stop violence

And install security and safety restore in


I am collecting all available federal

Tool to prevent civilian and military

End of riots and looting

For destruction and arson and protection.

The rights of law-abiding Americans

Including your second update right

So here are the following steps

Implement immediately

First we end the storms and

The injustice that spreads

Our country will end it now

Recommended to everyone.

Governor deployed in the National Guard

There are enough numbers that we dominate

The streets must be mayors and governors

Establish overwhelming law

Presence of enforcement until violence

City or state if has been quelled

Who refuses to perform actions

Needed to save lives and

The property of their inhabitants

Then I will deploy to the United States

Military and quickly solve the problem

For them I am also fast and

Decisive measures for our protection

What a great capital Washington DC

It happened in this city last night

Absolute defamation as I speak

Dispatch of thousands and thousands

Heavy armed troops military

Employees and law enforcement officers

To prevent the sabotage of looting

Attack and unstable destruction

Property we are all placing.

We will have a curfew at seven o’clock

Strict enforcement to bullies

There will be innocent life and wealth

Arrest and detention and legal

The full extent of the law.

I wish the organizers of this terror

Beware of notice you will face serious

Criminal fines and long sentences

In prison this includes one typhoid and another

Which are provoking for this

Violence is a law and order and it is

What a law it is we have a beautiful one

Act and once it is restored it is installed and complete.

We will help Your business and we will help you The family is founded on the rule of America

The law is our foundation Prosperity our freedom and our way Of life but where there is no law

There is no chance

There is no justice there is no liberty

There is no security there is no future.

Never get angry or hateful

Nothing if evil or violence reigns

Free from us I do these actions today

With firm resolve and true and with

So far passionate love for our country

Our great days lie ahead.


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