Donald Trump Runs For President – Is He Running ?


The media are busy telling us all the latest that Donald Trump is going to run for President in 2020, and is he running? With the following news they are making you think that he is now running and so are his children.

Senator Rand Paul is also raising funds to run for President in 2020. His new web site does not list Donald Trump as a “candidate.” He lists his own wife, Carly Fiorina, and a few others.

These are all people that have been with the Romney campaign, and Diana Vranes has even said that she will be running. We may never find out who they are backing for president because they have yet to decide. And so they’re running away from the main subject of the rumors, Donald Trump.

So why are these people not saying anything, besides what we are hearing, the interesting thing is that they are saying that they don’t support him. Then why are they running away from him? That’s a good question.

There is a funny thing going on with them, especially when we look at the facts. Here are the facts that they have not told you about.

First, Diana Vranes is married to a billionaire. Why would she want to run against Donald Trump and her husband? How is this possible?

Next, who is this billionaire she is married to, and where is he located, well let me tell you. He is a billionaire, and a known supporter of Iran, and Hezbollah.

The fact that he supported the ayatollah, who even tortured women to death in one of their prisons, well that is exactly what is onthe woman card. She and her husband also are connected to the ultra-right wing, and he just happens to be a billionaire too.

She is now trying to raise money to be a candidate for congress, but why would she need to be a candidate? Who has asked her to run?

It really makes no sense why she is running, and now she is stating that she doesn’t support Donald Trump. Then why would she do that? Why would she agree to support someone who is a racist, a sexist, and supports people who advocate torture?

So how is she going to get away with running the woman card, and not actually support a racist, sexist, and torture advocate? She is going to be forced to face these things in the end. The fact that the media is not reporting on these issues is actually sending up more questions than answers, as far as our current news. Not to mention the fact that Senator Rand Paul did run against Donald Trump in 2020, and he got virtually no support. Hopefully these questions will be answered soon.


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