Donald Trump told this big reason for more cases of COVID-19 in USA


Washington: Amidst the havoc of Corona in the US, President Donald Trump said on Monday that America is running the largest COVID-19 testing program in the world, which is better than the big countries. He emphasized that America has the lowest death rate in the world due to corona virus death.

Trump said in the White House, “We are in those countries where the death rate is the lowest”. So far more than 34 lakh people have been found corona infected in America and more than 1.37 lakh people have died due to this disease. Both figures are the highest compared to other countries.

Trump said that due to the large-scale testing campaign conducted by the Trump government, such a large number of cases of infection have come. This campaign is more widespread than any other country.

He said, we have done more tests than other countries so far. When you test, new cases come out. That is why we have Corona cases here. I want to tell you that there are some countries, which test only when the sick person goes to the hospital. They are doing this kind of testing, so they do not have so many cases of corona here.

The US President said that the death rate from corona in America is the lowest or almost close to the lowest death rate. He said, we are doing good work on vaccine, therapy. We will have some news soon.

The US President said, we have the best and certainly the biggest test program. If you talk about any other big country, or if you talk about India, then the way we have tested it in the same way, you will find amazing statistics there. Brazil is also going through a big crisis, but they have not tested like we have done.


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