First of all, removal of lockdown cost Texas dearly, there may be 2 lakh deaths by September in America.


Washington. America (Texas) was one of the states that first relaxed the rules of lockdown by obeying President Donald Trump.

Now Texas has become the new hotspot of Coronavirus in USA. There have been 2504 recent cases of Corona virus infection in the city of Texas on Wednesday.

On the other hand, Ashish Jha, head of the Harvard Global Health Initiative, has said in an interview to CNN TV that even if the cases start decreasing in the US from now on, it is clear that by September, 2 lakh people will have died.

Texas is one of the cities in America where, first of all, shop-markets, restaurants and theaters were opened from May 1 with some rules. After this, bars, aquariums, and bowling ale were also opened there. Let us know that Texas is the second largest city in America in terms of population.

For the first time since the onset of the Corona epidemic, such a high number of infection cases have been reported here. Earlier on May 31, 1949 cases of corona were reported in Texas. It is clearly visible that the Texas may have to suffer a huge loss of opening clubs, market malls and other public places in a hurry.

Scientists have claimed that even if cases start decreasing continuously in the US, by September, more than 2 lakh deaths from infection will have occurred here. Ashish Jha, head of the Harvard Global Health Initiative, has said that after September the epidemic will not end and the continuation of the deaths may continue till the vaccine is not found. According to the dashboard of John Hopkins University, the number of corona infected people in the US has crossed 20 lakhs, whereas till now more than one lakh thirteen thousand people have died there.

Ashish clearly said that haste has been shown in many places to open the lockdown. He has said that the US has already opened the lockdown before it can control new cases of Corona. Ashish said that it was possible to prevent most deaths due to corona virus through testing and contact tracing, strict social distancing and use of masks. On the other hand, US Finance Minister Steve Mnuchin has said that it is not possible to shut down the economy one more time to stop Covid-19 from growing. He warned that this could pose serious challenges for the economy. Earlier he had said that due to Corona epidemic, unemployment in America may increase


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