George Floyd: Main accused will get bell for $ 1 million, trump expresses confidence in police


The court has set bail of one million dollars for policeman Derek Chauvin, the main accused in the murder of black George Floyd. In a video, Derek Chauvin was shown sitting on a knee flexion on George Floyd’s neck, causing George Floyd to die due to inhalation and subsequent mass protests in the US.

Amidst this protest, Derek Chauvin was produced in court this Monday, the State Prostitute Matthew Frank, realizing the seriousness of the whole case, had asked the court to set a huge bail amount for Derek Chauvin, which the court Had confessed

Apart from Derek Chauvin, three other policemen have also been arrested. They have been accused of inciting Derek Chauvin to murder.

  There is also a demand to disband the police force in view of the outrage over the killing of George Floyd

On Monday, the Minneapolis city council has decided to dissolve the police, saying that instead of police, a community-led security system will be created, the US President Donald Trump has said that the police force ” The force will not be disbanded and further trump said that we want to make sure that there are not bad people in the police department, which is a dangerous accident as you have seen recently, it happens sometimes in our police force 99 percent of the people are good and they have a very good record and Trump further said that one of the main reasons for reducing crime in our country is that we have a very good police force and I am very proud of that.


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