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Ivana trump

Ivana Trump is a Czech-American businesswoman and ex-wife of US president Mr Donald trump. She and Donald Trump married in 1977 and divorced in 1991.

Ivana and Trump were part of New York City’s social elite during the 1980s. She was also a ski athlete during her teenage.

She is also a model and has appeared in 1976 summer Olympics advertisement and also work as a host there.

                                                     Ivana Trump
Full nameIvanka Marie Zelnickova
ProfessionBusinesswoman, model
Alma matterCharles university
Year active1970-present
NationalityCzech republic, now Zlin
BirthplaceCzech republic
Marital statusMarried
SpouseAlfred winklmayr      (1971-1973) Donald Trump            (1977-1991) Ricardo Mazzucchelli (1995-1997) Rossano rubicund     (2008-2009)
ChildrenDonald J. trump, Ivanka trump, Eric trump

Early life

Ivana was worn on February 20, 1949, in the Moravian town of Zlin (Formerly known Gottwaldov). In the early 1970s, she attended Charles University in Prague. She is also a ski athlete.

Her skiing talent emerged at an early age. Ivana started skiing competitively at the age of six and at the age of 12 she entered a national training program.

 According to Trump, she was selected as an alternate on the Czechoslovak ski team during the 1972 winter Olympics. Czechoslovak did not send an alpine ski team to the 1972 winter Olympics.

In 1989 secretary-general of the Czechoslovak Olympic committee said “who is this Ivana woman, and why do people keep calling her about?

We have searched so many times and have consulted many people but there is no such girl in our record” Around this time, she married her first husband, Austrian skier Alfred winklmayr.

Their relationship only last for a few years. Later on, she moved to Canada, Ivana spent some time working as a ski instructor before starting a modelling career in the 1970s.

After working there for a few years she moved to New York and she met aspiring real estate mogul Donald Trump.


Personal life

In 1971 she married Austrian ski instructor Alfred winklmayr to obtain Austrian citizenship to be able to leave Czechoslovakia.

She received her Austrian passport in March 1972 and as Ivana winklmayr and in 1973 they got divorced.

After Alfred her boyfriend George said was killed in a car accident in 1973, Ivana moved to Canada. Ivana lived with George Jiri Syrovatka whom she was dating since 1971.

 There she improved her English language by taking a night course at McGill University and also worked as a model.

There she promoted the summer Olympics that were being hosted in Montreal. After working there for a couple of years her work eventually brought her to New York where she met Donald Trump.

In 1995 she married In 1977 Ivana and trump married in a lavish wedding officiated by Norman Vincent. Donald and Ivana became a leading figure in the 1980s as they worked on several large projects.

Ivana and Trump had a stormy relationship with each other as she was a major asset for trump organization. But in 1990 Ivana separated from her husband amid rumours and affairs with Marla maples.

In a book written by Ivana “lost tycoon: the many lives of Donald J. trump”, she confirmed that she had “felt violated” and accused Donald Trump for rape and of pulling out handfuls of hair.

The divorced was granted in 1990 on the grounds of cruel and inhuman treatment by Mr Trump. A settlement was done between them that Ivana wouldn’t talk about the marriage without Donald trump’s permission.

In 1995 she married Riccardo Mazzucchelli. She filed a $15 million breach of contract suit against Riccardo for violating the confidentiality clause in there agreement. In 1997 Mazzucchelli sued Ivana and Donald for libel. In summer of 1997, she began dating Loffredo Gaetani, which continued until his death in 2005.

In April 2008, Ivana married Rossano Rubicondi who was 24 years junior to Ivana. The $3 million weddings for 400 guests was hosted by her ex-wife Donald trump at his mar-a-lago estate.

On December 2008 Ivana confirmed to the associated press that. She filed a legal separation agreement three months previously.

In an interview, she stated that her husband on-again/off-again relationship. In 2009 she filed a divorced from Rubicondi but the couple was seen together again in late May 2018.


Ivana trump started her career in her native land, former Czechoslovakia. After she moved to Canada with her first husband things really began to take off in her life.

Some of her notable clients have included designer Buckie Sanft and Eaton’s department store. After the divorced with Donald Trump in 1992. 

Ivana begins to establish herself independently as a businesswoman.

Not only she writes books, but she also started developing lines of clothing, fashion jewellery and beauty products that have been sold through television.

In 2004 Ivana branded Bentley bay development in Miami and later on filed bankruptcy. A couple of projects was failed including condominium project and Ivana Las Vegas. It is said that there was the involvement of trump behind her failure project.

Ivana returned to reality television in 2010 as a competitor on England’s celebrity big brother and in the same year, she launched a new venture line of wines.

She partnered with legends wines to sell her own collection of wine produced in the US.

She also sued the Finnish fashion company, accusing it of selling women’s clothing that incorporates her name without permission.

She has also written several novels including for love one, free to love and a self-help book called, the best is yet to come coping with divorce and enjoying life again.

In February 1999 she launched her own style magazine titled “Ivana living in style”. In 2001 she contributed and advice column for “divorced magazine”.

She also released an autobiography raising Trump, which covers her own upbringing and early years of raising her children.

Media appearances

She has also played in different Hollywood films including “the first wives club” and she hosted oxygen network’s reality-dating program Ivana young man, which aired in 2006.

In 2006 Ivana started in the hilariously titled “Ivana young man” a reality show where she helped middle-aged woman name Kathy (as the show’s name might suggest) a younger man. Sadly there was only one episode.


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