Jobs in AMERICA may be more difficult, Donald Trump is considering banning H-1B visa program


Washington USA: Amid rising unemployment in the US-Covid-19 epidemic, US President Donald Trump is considering stopping several job-granting visa programs, including the most widely applied by Indian IT professionals, the H-. 1B visa is also included.

The Wall Street Journal quoted an anonymous Trump administration official as saying that the proposal to ban the visa program could be implemented from the government’s new fiscal year starting October 1, while issuing new visas. Are done.
This report states that ‘With this new decision, new H-1B visa holders coming from outside the country will be banned. However, under this program at present, there is no possibility of any effect on those who are already employed in the US. However, it has been said from the White House that a final decision has not been taken in this regard and the administration is considering many aspects.

Hogan Gidley, a White House spokesman who said he is currently negotiating with Career Export and is considering a range of options to work in the interests of USA workers and job seekers, however, so far No final decision has been taken

Most Indian tech professionals apply for America’s H-1B program. With the decision of the Trump administration, this opportunity will be left out of the hands of thousands of Indians who are looking for jobs in America. Already a large number of Indians working under this program in America have lost their jobs due to the Coronavirus epidemic.

This report also states that in addition to H-1B visas, H-2B visas granted for short duration according to season work, J-1 to workers like Camp Counselors and for internal transfers to the company The L-1 visa granted may also be withheld.


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