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Marla maples is an American actress and media personalities. She is ex-wife of real estate mogul Mr. Donald trump. Marla Maples is the second wife of Donald trump. She was born and raised in Georgia. Marla is also a former beauty pageant and later on moved in New York in 1985 to become an actress. However, their relationship last only for 6 years and they divorced in 1999.

Full nameMarla Ann maples
Alma matterNorthwest Whitfield high school
OccupationActress and philanthropy
Years active1981 present
SpouseDonald trump (1993-1999)
Birth placeCohutta, Georgia, US
Children1 (Tiffany trump)

Maples completed her schooling in northwest Whitfield high school in Georgia. In her early days in high school she used to play basketball and served as a class secretary. She was also crowned with homecoming queen during her senior year.

After graduating from high school, she competed in beauty pageant and won the title of Miss Georgia in 1984. Soon after her success in her modelling career she moved in U.S to become actress.

Early life

Maples was born in Georgia on October 27, 1963 in strict Baptist household. During her high school she was an athlete and popular playing basketball. In her teenage she was diagnosed with Lyme disease.

Maples father was a real estate agent and her mother was a homemaker and model. After graduating from her high school in 1981 she competed in beauty pageant and won the title of Miss Georgia in 1984.


After gaining the title of Miss Georgia she moved to modelling industry and start making her appearances in television and movies. After coming to US maples had minor roles in media and television. In 1991, maples appeared as a celebrity guest at WWE serving as a special guest timekeeper in the main event match between hulk Hogan and defending against with Sgt. Slaughter. In same year maples had also appeared in the hit television series “Designing woman as herself”.

In 1994 maples also appeared alongside then husband Donald trump in episodes named “The fresh prince of bel air”. She also made some appearances in one of the popular television series called “something wilder” in 1994. Maples has also co-hosted the 1996 and 1997 miss universe pageant and Miss USA pageant.

Maples also made debt in several Hollywood movies like “Maximum overdrive”, “Executive decision”, “For richer or poorer”, “Black and white”, “A Christmas to many”, “Nanny for Christmas” and “Love loss what I wore these”, are the movies in which she made her debut. Recently she made her debt in switching lanes directed by Thomas Mikal Ford.

On march 8, 2016, maples was announced as one of the celebrities participating in Dancing starwith switching lanes co-star Kim fields. She was partner with choreographer and professional dancer Tony Dovolaniduring the competition. Maples and Dovolani were eliminated on 4th week of competition finished in 10th position.

She also joined the morning talk show in ABC’s as a guest which was hosted on march 11, 2016. Maples was featured in the summer of peace summit in 2018 to discuss the topics of peace and finding common ground. The program brought speaker from the different place of world to discuss the integration of science and spirituality, and environment.

Personal life

Maples is the second wife of Donald trump. The relationship was initiated while trump was married to his first wife Ivana trump. The two divorced in December 1981. Maples and trump met on 1989 and had a highly publicized relationship with at least one breakup. In October 13, 1993 trump appeared in New York timeswith one headline reported maples stated that “best sex I’ve ever had” with trump. Which listed on front page of New York times magazine for 10 days in a row.

In 1996 trump fired his body guard after police found that the Marla and the body guard are having affair. Police officer stated that the Marla and bodyguard were together under a life guard stand on a deserted beach at 4:00 a.m. However, both maples denied that she was having affair with bodyguard.

Despite the reports in national enquirer and other tabloids, the body guard stated that the conflicting stories about the incident. Both the guard and maples denied that they are having affair. Later on, 1997 both of them divorced June 8, 1999. Under the terms of prenuptial agreement and maples is bound by a confidentiality agreement regarding their marriage.


In an interview Marla committed to supporting charities and non-profit organization. Maples is also involved in AWARENCY organization as a board member. AWARENYC is an organization mainly focusing in the promoting awareness and generating funds in order to make meaningful improvement in the society and community and to the world.

She also works as an advocate nonprofit organization which mainly focus on creating peace and organization uniting Israeli and Palestinian.

Life after trumps

The relationship of maples and trump didn’t last more after 6 years of together they divorced in 1999. Maples raised the daughter tiffany as a single mom moving to Calabasas, California to protect her daughter from spotlight by media and people.

In an interview maplestated that“her father wasn’t able to be there for day to day help and support as a parent. He loves his kids very much. There’s no doubt. Everything was a bit of negotiation” around the same time, maples also appeared in access Hollywood and there she opened up about the why couple marriage didn’t last.

Other projects

In 1990, at the height of her tabloid affair with trump, maples notably participated in an advertisement called “No excuse jeans ad” which show her gossip magazine like national inquirer in trash while promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle. Maples have retreated to a more private and deeply spiritual lifestyle.

Recently she hosted her own radio program with the astrologer, meditator and alternative healers. In 2013 she released her meditative musical album called the “Endless”. Now in her 50s she spends her time meditating, practicing yoga, living peaceful and organic lifestyle. She is also active on philanthropy and social work.


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