Mary Trump: My uncle Donald Trump – treacherous and cruel, send him to jail.


Mary Trump: My uncle Donald Trump – treacherous and cruel, send him to jail.

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Washington USA: 55-year-old Mary’s full name is Mary Lea Trump. Mary is an American author, psychologist and businesswoman. Mary is the niece of US President Donald Trump and is a vocal critic of her uncle, Donald Trump. Mary has said that my uncle is a criminal, treacherous and cruel, therefore, he should be sent to jail as soon as he leaves the White House. Mary rejected the ideology that prosecuting Donald Trump would deepen the political divide in the nation.

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Mary has said in an interview that it is humiliating to be told repeatedly that the American people can deal with this and we should now move forward. They further said that if a crime can be perpetrated against anyone, then the only one is Donald Trump. If we do not do this work, it means that we are preparing ourselves to accept a bad person.

A spokesman for Donald Trump’s campaign said about Mary’s comments that her book is to be sold by Mary herself. Mary is the daughter of Donald Trump’s elder brother Fred Jr. Mary had said that she was going to write a book about Trump – Too Much and Never Enough, How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man. The one to be named is – The Recording. His first book about the family came in July. In September, Mary had filed a multi-million dollar fraud against Donald Trump, his sister Maryane Trump and his brother Robert Trump.


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