Open talk about mental health – Selena Gomez


Open talk about mental health – Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez says that if someone’s mental health is poor, talk to them openly. Selena Gomez wants people to talk about mental health in a normal way. He is determined to follow the same thing.

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Los Angeles USA: Texas-born Selena Marie Gomez is also an American singer producer and actress, saying she should talk openly about mental health without any hesitation and confusion. He has a desire that people should talk about mental health lightly and he is also determined to follow the same thing. According to the report of the FimaleFirst website, he has said at the Virtual Teen Vogue Summit that I believe that whenever you talk with them together, your rate is very low. I felt the same when I did it for the first time. I once felt why I am not feeling like another, why I am feeling different. I had to find the address of such questions.

Regarding mental health therapy, Selena Gomez said that I am a big proponent of getting therapy and it is very common. Especially people of today face stress more and more. In this situation, if people seek each other together and find it together, what is wrong?


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