Tremendous demonstration against racism in USA, The head of the statue of Christopher Columbus has been demolished.


Demonstration against racism in America is becoming more and more intense every day. Slogans are being raised here to erase the traces of racist history of America. Demands are being raised here to remove the idols of such people who had supported colonialism or slavery of blacks in any way. Meanwhile, on Wednesday, protesters in the city of Boston beheaded a statue of Christopher Columbus, the ‘inventor of America’, because Columbus is believed to be the initiator of colonialism there. According to local reports, apart from Boston, a statue of Columbus was also vandalized in Downtown Miami. At the same time in Columbus, Richmond, Virginia, the Columbus statue was thrown into a pond.
At midnight on Tuesday, the Boston Police came to know about the incident, after which a police alert was made. The incident is being investigated, but at the moment no arrest has been made.

Since the death of African-American George Floyd at the hands of a white police officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota last month, there have been tremendous demonstrations against racism and police brutality. Almost every 50 states in the US are participating in this demonstration. Amidst these demonstrations, the pressure is increasing that if such monuments or statues are removed in America, then they are associated with the racist history of America. This statue of Columbus in Boston has been a part of controversy for years and demands have been raised many times to remove it.

Christopher Columbus has always been described as the explorer of the ‘New World’ (America), but many people consider Columbus to be the initiator of decades of atrocities against the native castes. Columbus is viewed in the same manner as the civil war generals of the southern states of America.

Let me tell you that Columbus Day was first celebrated in October in America, which has now been changed to many cities and has been declared a day to remember the original inhabitants.


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