Trump said: If I lose elections in this November, it will be bad for the country, but I will leave office peacefully.


US President Donald Trump dismissed fears that Trump would not leave office voluntarily if Trump lost the election in November. However, he has also said that if he is not re-elected, it will be ‘bad’ for the country as well. However, the President has never given such indications that he will not leave office if he loses the next election.
In an interview aired on Fox News Channel on Friday, the US president said, Of course, I would not have won if I had not won. When asked if he lost the election in November, he said, You go, do some other work.
Simultaneously, Trump said, If I lose the election, I think it will be a very bad thing for our country. In the upcoming presidential election, the Trump of the Republican Party will face potential Democratic Party candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden.

Trump’s three-year tenure was peaceful and prosperous, but the recent Corona Virus epidemic killed one million people and left 40 million unemployed due to the damage to the economy, as well as black man of African-American descent George After Floyd’s death in police custody, his chair may be in danger due to social upheaval.



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