U.S.A. : Preparations begin for George Floyd’s funeral


Police Chief Art Acevedo confirmed in a tweet Sunday morning that George Floyd’s body was safe in Houston and that his family was there.

A media representative of the Floyd family confirmed that Floyd would be buried next to his mother’s grave on Tuesday.

Preparations have begun for the final journey of George Floyd, who was killed by a white police officer. A tribute meeting will be held after the funeral on Tuesday, in which former Vice President Joe Biden will also pay tribute to Floyd via video message, but he will not attend in person.

George Floyd, 46, of Houston, died of suffocation after being strangled by a white police officer on May 25 in Minneapolis. There were widespread protests across the United States. Floyd’s body was brought to Houston on Saturday for burial and will be buried on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden has confirmed that he will visit Floyd’s family in Houston on Monday. For security reasons, Biden is unlikely to attend Floyd’s funeral on Tuesday. However, he will pay tribute to her and release a video message for her funeral.

Houston will host two tribute events on Monday and Tuesday. Both tributes will be held at The Fountain of Prairie Church at 13950 Hillcroft Avenue. People attending the funeral will need to maintain social distance and wear masks and gloves.


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