Uncontrollable condition in America due to George’s death, Donald Trump launched 17000 military


Amidst this epidemic of corona virus in America, violence continues to cease after the death of civilian George Floyd, the violence continues in America, the situation has become uncontrollable.

Demonstrations and violence have not stopped after the death of George Floyd. The situation is such that curfew has been imposed in many cities.

 But protestors are not taking the name of the stop, President Donald Trump has called these violent demonstrations as domestic terrorism

 The fire of justice demonstrations against the death of George Floyd has reached 140 cities in America.

This is considered to be the worst civil unrest in the country for the past several decades. Meanwhile, Donald Trump has said in the White House that violence, loot, chaos and disorder will not be tolerated.

Let us tell you that according to sources, 24 National Guards in the state Nearly 17,000 troops have been deployed and Donald Trump said that Cool 350,000 National Guard is available and more steps will be taken for the anarchy. Governors around the country will have to take action. They will have to deploy the National Guard because the US will save the community.

President Donald Trump has said that if governors in the state do not use the National Guards to control violence protesters and fail to maintain peace, then they will order the deployment of the army on the streets


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